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The Space

Yoga & Healing Studio

Thame, Oxfordshire

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One Pose a Day

One Pose a Day

Easy to use audio-visual guide in a calendar format covering 31 poses giving you a month of practice material if you practice one pose a day. Created by Fire Angel Yoga.

* The audio guide is on CD so you can listen and follow your one pose a day

Price: £9.99

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Keep it all Moving

Keep it All Moving

An exercise routine for the elderly, seated on a chair. CD & illustrated booklet by Cate Wise.

Help maintain mobility, good posture and mental alertness. An enjoyable and easy to follow exercise routine, inspired by yoga, for the elderly on CD, all practised sitting in a chair. This audio CD is a 30 minute exercise routine based on 8 years of practising with the elderly at Abbeyfield, a residential care home in Buckinghamshire. Ages vary from 80 to 100. Accompanied with a funny illustrated booklet by Cate Wise.


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